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                    EPISKY CORPORATION (XIAMEN) LTD.

                    Lighting your life through light-emitting diode

                    Robust Development of Photoelectric Module Manufacturing Center

                    The limitless possibilities of implementing LED applications

                    ABOUT US


                    Full band capacity

                    EPISKY CORPORATION (XIAMEN) LTD.

                    Episky Coporation (xiamen) Ltd. is located in Xiamen Torch High-tech Zone (Xiang'an) Industrial Zone. It was established in December 2006 with a registered capital of 68 million US dollars, a total investment of 200 million US dollars, and covers an area of about 60,000 square meters.


                    Annual production experience


                    Total employees


                    Factory area (square meters)






                    Crystal TV Q3 demand heating up, Mini LED e-sport products are expected to come out Q4


                    In the third quarter of the crystal power industry, the demand for quaternary LEDs is more hot than that of the second quarter. The production capacity is full and continues to increase, and the demand for mobile phone backlights is also warming up. The Mini LED esports application has found solutions in succession, and is expected to be available in the fourth quarter. The kinetic energy can be used, and the mobile phone application part. At present, the solution proposed by Jingdian is affirmed by the customer, but the shipping schedule still depends on the customers product and market planning.

                    Jingdian talks about LED filament lamp market trend, technology evolution trend and patent layout


                    LED filament lamps are currently the most promising lighting products on the market. They have high visibility in the Middle East, America and Europe, and are also one of the key products of LED lighting manufacturers in the Asian supply chain. At present, the core of the LED filament lamp on the market, the filament, its key patent mainly falls in Taiwans Jingdian, LEDinside interviewed Taiwan Jingyuan Optoelectronics, Wang Xiwei, director of the marketing and marketing center of Jingdian, and Guo Mengjun, director of the intellectual property department. And the three managers of intellectual rights, Zhou Guanyou, share the market trend of LED filament lamps, the trend of technology evolution, and the layout of patents. (Source: LEDinside)

                    Jingdians March revenue increased by 35% month.


                    LED epitaxial wafers returned to the market in March, with revenues of 2.23 billion yuan in March (the new Taiwan dollar, the same below), a 35.8% increase from the previous month, the highest since May last year, compared with the same period last year. A small decrease of 5.6%, the accumulated first quarter revenue of 6.06 billion yuan, an annual decrease of 8.9%.
                    • Provide high quality and cost effective solutions for applications such as screen display and sensin

                    • High quality small and medium size display application

                    • Low input cost screen display requirements

                    • High quality to meet a variety of application needs

                    CONTACT US

                    • Tel: 86-592-7615988
                    • Fax: 86-592-7615990
                    • Wechat: Episkyhome_001
                    • Email: hr@epi-sky.com
                    • Address: No. 99 Xiangxing Road, Torch High-tech Zone, Xiang'an District, Xiamen City

                    Copyright© EPISTAR Corporation 2018 All Rights Reserved. 闽ICP备10001665号-1

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