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      Crystal TV Q3 demand heating up, Mini LED e-sport products are expected to come out Q4


      Source: 钜亨网

      In the third quarter of the crystal power industry, the demand for quaternary LEDs is more hot than that of the second quarter. The production capacity is full and continues to increase, and the demand for mobile phone backlights is also warming up. The Mini LED esports application has found solutions in succession, and is expected to be available in the fourth quarter. The kinetic energy can be used, and the mobile phone application part. At present, the solution proposed by Jingdian is affirmed by the customer, but the shipping schedule still depends on the customer's product and market planning.

      Looking forward to the third quarter, Jingdian said that plant lighting and infrared lighting demand is good, quaternary LED demand is more hot than the second season, maintaining the peak season state, full capacity and continuous increase; Blu-ray part, the third season coincides with the mobile phone backlight season The demand for mobile phone backlights is warming up, and as the European and American markets will ship high-end TV products, the demand for TV backlights will be motivated.

      In the application part of Mini LED, Jingdian has been in contact with end customers including mobile phones, e-sports, tablet, car and TV applications. It is reported that e-sports applications have found solutions in the fourth quarter, and demand momentum can be expected. . As for the mobile phone application part, Jingdian said that the proposed solution is recognized by customers, but the shipping schedule still depends on the customer's product and market planning.

      In the VCSEL foundry business segment, Jingdian has previously said that in the fourth quarter, there will be a small amount of shipments to 6-inch OEM customers, contributing revenue, and a larger number of orders are expected next year.

      The second quarter of Jingdian was affected by the slowdown in backlight and lighting demand. The combined revenue was 5.295 billion yuan (NTD, the same below), with a quarterly increase of 2.86% and an annual decrease of 20.36%. The accumulated revenue for the first six months was 10.443 billion yuan. Reduced by 15.62%.





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