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      Jingdians March revenue increased by 35% month.


      Source: China LED Network

      LED epitaxial wafers returned to the market in March, with revenues of 2.23 billion yuan in March (the new Taiwan dollar, the same below), a 35.8% increase from the previous month, the highest since May last year, compared with the same period last year. A small decrease of 5.6%, the accumulated first quarter revenue of 6.06 billion yuan, an annual decrease of 8.9%.

      In the fourth quarter of last year, the LED factory slashed the inventory, but the order has already seen the return, and the Japanese LED manufacturer Nichia has sued the US LCD TV manufacturer Vizio in the United States, making the attacking manufacturers pay more attention to patents, and the Taiwan LED factory is also subject to benefit. Jingdian pointed out that customer inventory has dropped significantly in the last quarter. At present, TV backlight and LED lighting orders have all returned to temperature. The revenue in March has seen improvement, and the performance in April is expected to continue to be better than March.

      Jingdian also pointed out that the price of LED chips fell last year, but it also led to an increase in demand, and the current price of oversold has seen a rebound, coupled with internal selective orders, abandoning orders with low prices, first The overall ASP has improved in the fourth quarter of last year.





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