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      Social Recruitment

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      Engineering research and development

      • Equipment Engineer

        job requirements:

        1. College degree or above, mechanical automation related science and engineering major is preferred

        2, hands-on operation ability is strong, there is an electrician certificate which gives priority

        3, can adapt to the clean room environment / overtime / on duty / night shift

        Job content:

        1. Analysis of the causes of equipment failures, and the development and implementation of prevention and corrective measures.

        2. Formulate annual equipment maintenance and repair plan

        3. Automation improvement of the company's existing processes (provincial, labor-saving, labor-saving)

        4. The company's new product equipment and sporadic parts purchase evaluation and supplier outreach

      • Integration Engineer

        job requirements:

        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in statistics/computer/electronics, etc.

        2, logical reasoning and high data sensitivity

        3. Good communication and coordination skills

        Job content:

        1. Familiar with the whole process technical process and product characteristics of all products, perform failure analysis on the detected photoelectric abnormal products, formulate improvement plans, and determine the treatment method.

        2. Collect and monitor the production yield of the whole product, analyze the main cause of yield loss, and promote the improvement of product production yield.

        3. Analyze the reasons for customer complaints, use relevant resources to find the abnormal cause of customer complaints, convey abnormal units and track improvement progress, and timely feedback information to customers.

        4. Leading the introduction of new products, completing new product reviews and continuing to follow up on the production status after import

        5. Produce and provide relevant reports and reports to superior supervisors and relevant units

      • Process (Assistant) Engineer

        job requirements:

        1. College degree or above, major in science and engineering

        2, good logic analysis ability

        3, can adapt to the clean room environment / overtime / on duty, individual sites need to cooperate with the night shift

        4. Those interested in optoelectronic industry and LED process technology

        Job content:

        1. Pay attention to the operation status of the production line, check the product and correct the irregular operation method of the operator.

        2. Independently analyze the cause of the exception and handle the exception

        3. Commissioning, monitoring and testing of the machine

        4. Complete the experiment of improving the process and reducing the cost.

        5. Formulate and publicize the project tentative standard book and keep track of the improvement effect as needed

        6. New homework guidance and assessment

      Engineering management

      • Health Management Manager

        job requirements:

        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in science and engineering such as statistics/logistics management

        2, familiar with the use of various office software

        3. Interested in planning, scheduling and other coordination work, calm and decisive, with certain statistical knowledge

        Job content:

        1. Execution and tracking of the main production plan

        2. Raw material purchase and work order opening operation

        3. Delivery schedule and daily shipping operations

        4. Inventory water level control analysis and related disposal operations

        5, exception handling and related unit coordination feedback

      • Production Reserve Cadre

        job requirements:

        1. College degree or above, major in science and engineering

        2, adapt to the dust-free workshop working environment / overtime / night shift

        3. Requires superior anti-stress ability, good communication and coordination ability

        4. Those who are interested in personnel/production management

        Job content:

        1. Coordinate production management, establish and improve production management systems and optimize processes;

        2. Rationally allocate resource allocations such as personnel/equipment, adjust production load, and improve production efficiency;

        3. Master the production and quality status in the production process and timely solve problems in production;

        4. Organize the implementation, supervision and control of various processes/quality/equipment/cost/production indicators of the production process

        5. Control and improve production costs and achieve standardized production management;

        6. Strengthen team building and employee training to ensure safe production

        7, the training direction of this post: reserve cadres - stationmaster - team leader - foreman

      • IE Engineer

        job requirements:

        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial engineering

        2. Familiar with IE's seven major methods, cost control and lean production

        3, with abnormal analysis and improvement capabilities, good at discovering and completing improvement proposals

        Job content:

        1. Measurement collection of basic working hours at each site.

        2. Data maintenance of related production systems (such as standard working hours, machine time, etc.).

        3. Establish daily standard manpower and control manpower attendance.

        4. Monthly machine loading confirmation, capacity increase at the bottleneck site.

        6. Production process, layout improvement and innovation

        7. Equipment investment plan design and cost-benefit analysis.

        8. Process improvement project plan, preside over project meeting execution.

        9. Promotion of lean improvement activities

        10. Based on the KPI review meeting, propose improvement projects for the unmet goals and complete them within the deadline.

      • Manufacturing Engineer

        job requirements:

        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial engineering/mathematics/statistics/logistics management, etc.

        2, can adapt to the clean room environment / overtime / on duty / night shift

        3. Requires strong anti-stress ability, good communication and coordination ability, and strong data sensitivity.

        Job content:

        Cost management:

        1. Establish analysis and improvement of standard cost and cost difference to ensure production cost accuracy

        2. Promote related COSTDOWN projects with the cost of ALIGN in each plant

        3. Use of control funds to increase the recovery cost of gold and reduce the cost of precious metals

        Human System Resource Management:

        1. Establish and maintain the system material number and assist in importing systematic reports

        2. Establish standard manpower for each station, provide manpower for demand, and control manpower attendance

        3. Establish an education and training management system, improve the pass rate of personnel certification, and shorten the learning curve.

        4. Production line 6S, operation methods, document audit execution, and related activities

      • Quality Engineer

        job requirements:

        1. Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics/semiconductor/physical optics/communication related

        2. Good logical thinking ability and communication ability;

        3, skilled in the application of various quality tools, such as SPC, FMEA, 8D, etc.

        Job content:

        1. Monitor process quality, promote and track process quality improvement;

        2. Lead the test analysis and processing, and track and verify the implementation and effectiveness of its measures, write and feedback to the customer 8D report.

        3. Develop inspection specifications and train inspectors.

      Auxiliary management class

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